6 Things you’ll need for Window Cleaning

Window cleaning isn’t as easy as it sounds. But, on the other hand, it’s not nearly as hard as some make it out to be. Some expect window cleaners to have to work with ridiculously large and dangerous power-tools to correctly wash and polish windows. However, this is not at all the case, and a good majority of basic window cleaning tools are rather small, cheap and easy to find. But, you may not know exactly what to look for, so here are the six main things you need to get your hands on to perform your duty as a window cleaner.

Squeegees are tools with flat, smooth rubber blades that are used to remove or control the flow of liquid on a flat surface. They are predominantly used in window cleaning to remove the liquid from windows after the window has been cleaned, and are a useful tool to have available.


Scrapers have sharp, metal blades that are used to remove dirt, debris, smudges, grime and any other caked-on material that sticks to windows that are otherwise hard to remove. Caution is advised when using scrapers, as the metal blade they utelise is very sharp, meaning that the tool can cause minor to serious damage to the user if handled incorrectly. Still, the scraper is a necessary tool to have on you when window cleaning.

This one is obvious, but you’d be surprised how useful towels are during window cleaning, especially to dry and polish the windows after you’re finished.

Soap Solution
Another obvious one, but worth mentioning. This can more or less be found everywhere, and is made by several different brands across the UK. You’ll need to have quite a bit on you in order to do multiple windows and gain a good income, so it’s good idea to make sure you have an abundance of it.

Sturdy Ladder
This one is no luxury, and more of a safety precaution. Naturally, you’ll be stretching to reach high-up windows and clean them thoroughly, so a ladder is worth the while. However, it needs to be sturdy, secure, unlikely to slip or lose grip and fully able to hold your weight. Don’t be stingy about price on this one, because the sturdier the better.

Extension Pole
Ladders are all well and good, but sometimes not even ladders are good enough. That’s where a good old fashioned extension pole comes into play. You can put your Squeegee on the end of this in order to reach high and hard to reach places. It’s not something you’re going to be using on every window, but it’s worth taking along.

That’s more or less all you’ll need to start out window cleaning effectively. There’s a long, long list of equipment you could get to make the job about ten times easier, but those are the basics. They’re more or less available from most department and tool stores, so they’re not too hard to find. They’re not too expensive, either. Good luck with your new job and thank you for reading.

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